Top 4 health benefits of playing video games

Many parents complain about the gaming addiction of their children. They are concerned about the health benefits of children who play games. But research has shown that gaming has several health benefits. Here are the top health benefits that gaming will provide.

They boost your memory

Studies have shown that playing video games boosts your memory. Researchers even say that video games can be used as a tool to treat people who are suffering from memory and cognitive issues.

They increase coordination

Vido games help improve hand-eye coordination. Video games are used for training surgeons as they need to make precise movements and perform tasks in limited space. Fast paced games can boost the motor skills and can develop fast decision-making skill.

Good for cognitive health

Video games can improve the overall cognitive function as well. You can become more attentive, perceptive and focused. They can think more critically and make decisions. It can treat cognitive diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Can reduce depression and stress

Video games are super exciting. They help in reducing stress and depression. So, if you want to forget about office stress for some time, play video games!

Despite all these advantages, parents are not entirely wrong when they say that it has an adverse effect on the eyes. If you play video games for hours, then it will be harmful to your eyes. There are many gaming devices now that consider health issues. Buy high-quality gaming devices and the negative aspects of gaming will be reduced.

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Top 5 breakthrough technologies of 2016

Technologies are now able to solve big problems and open up new opportunities. This year, technology has achieved several milestones. Here are the top five innovative technologies of this year.

Immune Engineering

Scientists have invented cells that have been genetically altered to destroy leukaemia. This cell has been extensively engineered and has been proposed as a therapy. There have been four genetic changes; two changes have been introduced by the new technique genome editing.

Conversational Interfaces

China’s leading Internet company has come up with a powerful speech technology which makes it easier to use smartphones. Speech technology is now widespread in China. People are using it to shop, search, etc. Voice technology will make communication with the smartphone much easier.

Robots that teach each other

People started making robots many years ago. But this year, scientists made robots that can teach each other. These robots can do things beyond routine activities that robots usually do. These robots learn tasks and send their knowledge to the cloud so that other robots can pick it up from there.

DNA Appstore

It is an online store where information regarding your gene is stored. Using this app, you can easily learn about your health risks and physical traits.

SolarCity’s Gigafactory

It is a $750 million solar facility in Buffalo that will produce a gigawatt of high-efficiency solar panels every year. Homeowners will be highly benefited from this technology.

These inventions are indeed breakthroughs of this year. These are indications of how far technology can take us. Technology is making our life more comfortable every day. We should adopt to new technology whenever possible.


Top 5 interesting things you can do with a SmartWatch

Smartwatches are increasingly becoming popular today. People are buying it for the fashion and the functionalities. Here are the top five things a SmartWatch can do.

Get directions

You can get directions using your SmartWatch. It has built-in GPS system that helps you to go to places. All you need to say is ‘OK Google, navigate to and tell your destination. It will give you elaborate turn-by-turn direction.

Connect to your phone from a distance

You can connect to your phone with SmartWatch even when you are miles apart. If your phone and SmartWatch are both connected to the Wi-Fi, then you can send messages and access your email using your smartphone.

Voice search option

You can text a friend or ask a question hands-free. You can do all these while buying movie tickets or waiting in the checkout line. You can ask any questions, set reminders, give instructions, etc. using your smartwatch.

Play music, shop around, etc.

You can customise your Smartwatch with many Android Wear apps. These apps will let you do anything from reserving airline tickets to playing music.

Reply to messages on the fly

You can access messages and emails when you are on the aeroplane using your Smartwatch. This is a unique feature and is very helpful for people who needs to fly frequently for business purposes.

Smartwatch is stylish and sleek. It is very technologically advanced and will give you an experience you have never had with any gadgets before. You should buy a Smartwatch today to experience the new technology.