Top 5 interesting things you can do with a SmartWatch

Smartwatches are increasingly becoming popular today. People are buying it for the fashion and the functionalities. Here are the top five things a SmartWatch can do.

Get directions

You can get directions using your SmartWatch. It has built-in GPS system that helps you to go to places. All you need to say is ‘OK Google, navigate to and tell your destination. It will give you elaborate turn-by-turn direction.

Connect to your phone from a distance

You can connect to your phone with SmartWatch even when you are miles apart. If your phone and SmartWatch are both connected to the Wi-Fi, then you can send messages and access your email using your smartphone.

Voice search option

You can text a friend or ask a question hands-free. You can do all these while buying movie tickets or waiting in the checkout line. You can ask any questions, set reminders, give instructions, etc. using your smartwatch.

Play music, shop around, etc.

You can customise your Smartwatch with many Android Wear apps. These apps will let you do anything from reserving airline tickets to playing music.

Reply to messages on the fly

You can access messages and emails when you are on the aeroplane using your Smartwatch. This is a unique feature and is very helpful for people who needs to fly frequently for business purposes.

Smartwatch is stylish and sleek. It is very technologically advanced and will give you an experience you have never had with any gadgets before. You should buy a Smartwatch today to experience the new technology.

Drew Valdez

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